Happiness is: being totally justified in buying a new outfit

So I was all prepared to write a different post under the category of Happiness is: when something happened. Something dire. I was exposed at work.

Ok, so I wasn’t totally exposed, but close to it.

This morning I had some pep in my step because it was a sunny day and I was looking forward to the afternoon. After work today, some colleagues and I will be hitting up a local patio for some drinks and laughs to celebrate the fact that two of us just passed the one-year mark with the company. It might not sound like much, but it’s fun – and as you should all know by now, fun is my favourite.

So I chose a cute little dress to wear and made my way to work. I was feeling good, enjoying the sunshine, even chatting to the local coffee shop owner as I walked through the parking lot into the office. Life was good.

It wasn’t until I went into a colleague’s office that things started to become, well, clearer.

It turns out my cute little button-up dress is not only totally see-through, but now that I’ve had the opportunity to sit down a few times, the spaces between the buttons have stretched out and you can peek right in. Riiight.

I didn't look like this, but I was afraid of the results I'd get if I Googled "see-through dresses".

The ladies weren’t too concerned – one of them even suggested that I just roll with it, making all the men in the office crazy with my “peek-a-boo outfit”. That might have been an option if A) I looked like Gisele Bundchen, or B) I worked with a bunch of male models or David Beckham lookalikes.  As (unfortunately… so unfortunately) neither seems to be the case, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new outfit.

Only one problem: to get to my favourite store, I have to walk down the street. The sunny, sunny street. The street with all the summer tourists on it. The street where I’ll have to wait at the stoplights and pretend everyone can’t see my undies.

But I’m brave. I step out into the sunlight – sunglasses on, head down, concentrating on BBM conversation with cousin who is helping me on my emotional journey toward a new outfit and a better day. I try to stick to the shady patches, but they’re few and far between on this glorious day. Silently, I reminisce about the joy I felt at wearing my new shoes this morning. Why did I wear these shoes? The make like, the loudest clicking sound EVER. I’m pretty sure everyone is hearing the click and looking at me. Pretty soon I’ll hear a car horn and some hooligans yelling “I see London, I see France…!” Oh God, I thought the store was a block closer?

Eventually I get to the store, feeling like a fugitive scurrying down the steps and into the cool, air conditioned sanctuary. At last.

Carolann, the shop owner, greets me with a smile and compliments me on my outfit.

“You look cute!” she says, motioning to the dress.

Well at least I’m not alone in thinking I made a good choice this morning.

I filled her in on the situation and she immediately set to work, filling up an entire change room with tops and skirts, dresses and capris that are all in my size and totally suitable for work. My hero.

I settled on a beautiful turquoise dress and nice belt, which I wore out of the store – obviously. Carolann even put my old (transparent, embarrassing) dress in a pretty bag with pink tissue paper. No one would be the wiser.

I walked back up the street with a renewed energy and a heck of a lot more spring in my step, convinced that those sitting on patios or window shopping on the street would NEVER recognize me as that girl that recently passed by in all her peek-a-boo glory.

A cute new dress and total justification for buying it. Life is good again.

Love From Sarah


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I'm a girl who tries her best to find joy in every moment. I love to try new things, eat delicious food and most of all, laugh my head off. xo View all posts by Sarah

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