Back to school

Cherish it. Cherish it!

Back to school. Back to school. To prove to Dad that I’m no fool.

I think I’m one of the few people in the world that loves going back to school. Of course it’s easier for me to say that now that I’m a “grownup” and don’t have to go, but I still get that excited feeling when September comes around – I think of new classes, new friends, new clothes…

Come to think of it actually, it might have been the new clothes. And shoes. New school shoes.

Anyhow, I thought I’d write a little post about going back.

Two of my colleagues have kids in their first day of grade 9 today. It’s making us all think back to our first days of high school, and it’s making me laugh at how absolutely nerve-wracking it was. For me, lunchtime was the scariest part of the day. Luckily I had two older brothers in the same school as me, so for the first couple days I had lunch with my brother and his friend.

But I couldn’t hide from the cafeteria forever.

The cafeteria was an intimidating place for me, even though it was tiny compared to the cafs in other schools. I came from a tiny public school that was open-concept… I’ll get into that another time. Basically it was some kind of ’70s architectural/educational experiment with no cafeteria and few walls. So being in a cafeteria at school was confusing enough, let alone being a minor niner with lunch C when all her friends were on lunch A.

Eventually though I decided to brave the cafeteria. I got in line, got my tray and got myself some food (the healthy high school kind – poutine and fruitopia) and strutted out toward my table. Little did I know, I had made a beginner’s mistake: the bottle of fruitopia was standing up on my tray. As I navigated through the busy caf, tray in hand and head held high, the bottle began to slip and slide across my tray.

The next few moments seemed to happen in slow motion. The bottle slid to the left – then to the right. It hit the lip of the tray and  launched itself into the air. I watched in open-mouthed horror as it flipped end over end through the air, eventually landing on the floor with a crash. I looked up. Stunned silence surrounded me. To my right: a table full of grade 11 boys trying (unsuccessfully) not to laugh. To my left: tray carriers like myself, shocked and annoyed at unwittingly walking into the line of fire. At my feet: broken glass, broken cafeteria dreams and the sweet scent of the juice that was slowly seeping into my new shoes.

At the time it seemed like I’d most likely die of embarrassment right on the spot. But the truth is that no one else really cared about the incident other than me. I recovered, and it didn’t make me into the social pariah I thought it would. Now it’s just a funny reminder of how HUGE the first few days of high school are at the time.

So maybe I don’t miss every aspect of school. Some events are better left in the past.

On that note, here are some creative test answers to make you laugh today. Enjoy!

My high school French teacher gave out bonus marks if you wrote "I love Roy Orbison" on the top of your tests. She loved Roy and we loved Mme Cohen.

Love from Sarah


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