Just a couple of friends, having a good time.

My friends and I can get pretty goofy – goofiness is pretty much a prerequisite when it comes to being my friend, actually. I love being a bit out to lunch and some of my best friends really challenge me in that area. It’s amazing what revolutionary ideas can come out of the simplest, most ridiculous conversations with your buds.

Take, for example, the Man Deli. The Man Deli was an idea that my friends and I came up with a few years ago, when lamenting our romantic situations. It goes like this:

We all know that dating is trial and error. Sometimes you think you’ve reeled in a great catch… one that looks great on the outside, but after a few dates turns out to be a total dud. That’s when you might wish you could get a sort of love-life refund. Or at least some form of compensation. Maybe an exchange.

We thought hey – if those duds treat us like meat, maybe they should be treated like sandwiches. When we wanted a date, we could walk into the Man Deli and read the menu. Each item (accompanied by a photo, obviously) would have a completely accurate description of the man you’d actually get. Maybe you’re in the mood for something spicy and exotic – well, here he is! Just watch out – he’s been known to cause a little heartburn and indigestion.

Looking for something upscale? Good enough to impress even the snootiest family members? Try the prime rib-wich. Others have found him a bit dry as time goes on, but here, take a copy of our return policy just in case. Reuben didn’t work out? No worries, you can always exchange him for the classic PB&J, who may be simple, but never disappoints.

You get the picture.

We thought of actually starting it up but there’s that pesky little detail of sexual discrimination or whatever.

The Fool Suit is another little gem that came out of a great conversation. If I recall correctly, a few friends and I (same ones, actually) were discussing some rather embarrassing incidents we had gotten ourselves into. We thought hey – imagine there was a really horrible punishment we’d have to endure if we ever embarrassed ourselves by having one too many drinks – or just making a bad decision in general – the night before? Imagine we had to walk around for an entire day (longer, as the punishment would clearly have to fit the crime) wearing a ridiculous jester-type outfit so the entire world would know we’d made a fool of ourselves?

No matter what you were doing or where you were going, you’d have to wear the Fool Suit. Laying in bed, nursing a shame-over? Wear the Suit. Attending Great Aunt Myrtle’s 135th birthday party? Hope it matches the streamers. Best friend’s baby shower? Don’t get mistaken for the pinata.

It would have to look something like this:

A sombrero - the flashier the better. One that would attract a lot of attention.

A puffy shirt. One with a ton of frills and embellishments.

Awful pants. These ones would do nicely.

Ridiculous shoes. Ones that would routinely trip you and make a loud squeaking sound with every step.

You know there’s a good conversation to be had when you get a text like this on a Sunday morning: “I’m going to need you to FedEx the Suit. It’s urgent and I’ll need it for at least a week this time.”

As of right now the Suit is still just imaginary, but one day it might have to be created. As we’ve gotten a bit older we’ve needed it less and less, but it’s always there just waiting to be worn. And rules are rules, too. You’d better be good the day before your wedding, or else you might have to walk down the aisle in that sucker.

Anyfool, the moral of the story is that being ridiculous with your friends is pretty much the best. And what made me think of this subject today? The following video. What kills me is not the fact that these folks know all the words to this song. It’s not that they’ve rehearsed some kind of dance routine to accompany it. It’s the amazing convo that must have taken place in the hours beforehand.

“Haha hey… know what would be AWESOME? If we recorded this and put it online.”

“Haha no way, man. I’m not doing that.”

“Okay, okay. We’ll do it and you can just make an appearance in the background, right? Come on, let’s do it.”

And then, the magic happened. Enjoy!

Love From Sarah


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I'm a girl who tries her best to find joy in every moment. I love to try new things, eat delicious food and most of all, laugh my head off. xo View all posts by Sarah

One response to “Just a couple of friends, having a good time.

  • Chris

    Oh Sarah,
    As always, that was delightful. I would really like to see a few of those suits walking around, I can imagine the knowing glances that would be exchanged ;p and seriously, the man-deli is genius!

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