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Pug life

Vern, the man of the hour. Photo by Terri Flinn.

Vern, the man of the hour. Photo by Terri Flinn.

Tonight I’m doggie-sitting one of my favourite beings, Vern the Pug. He’s sweet and cuddly and I always love my adventures with him.

People usually point and smile, or stop to give a little pat-pat (to him – I don’t respond as well as he does). Babies squeal “puppy!” and girlfriends say “oooh let’s get one of those!” But every once in a while, something strange happens.

On my walk tonight, we passed through the puppy park (a guy shows up there a few times a week with a gaggle of tiny puppies – it’s pretty fantastic) and made our way through the neighbourhood. While standing on a quiet, tree-lined street, I stood patiently, waiting for Vern to do his business. Next thing you know, I hear the thunder of skateboards rolling past us and two twenty-something men came into view. “PUG TAKING A SHIT!!!” one hollered out, as if to announce it to the neighbourhood. And just like that, they were gone.

Guys, this is a big deal. I think I just met Captain Obvious.

We move along, making our way down Bloor Street. We pass the shops and various types of pedestrians, and get the usual nods and smiles. A minute later, as we pass a bar patio, I hear a whistle. “Hey there, cutie!” a voice rings out. I look to my right and see a toothless old sot winking in my direction. The gall! What am I, a piece of meat? Oh wait. He’s pointing at the dog.

Moving right along.

We hit the Wine Rack (Vern is familiar with this place and knows just where to sit in order to get a treat – I don’t take him there that often, I swear) and wander back home. As we stand outside the doors of our building while I search for my keys, I notice a man inside the building¬†holding the elevator for me. How kind! I finally locate the keys and let myself in, rushing toward the kind gentleman.

“Thanks so much!” I smiled at him.

“Anything for a cute dog,” he replied.

And that’s how it is.

Love From Sarah


Ginger love

I promise not to keep posting about my kitten, but this is just so cute.

I walked into my bedroom to get something this evening and when I looked at my bed I saw it was all rumpled in one corner.

“That’s strange,” I thought to myself. I’m pretty meticulous about making my bed.

I walked over to said lump and poked it with my finger. Then I heard a purr. I peeled back the sheet to reveal this:

She was in between the sheet and the quilt.

Ginger brings the cute.

Love From Sarah

Embrace the cute

I haven’t posted in a while – this summer weather is making me lazy like a sloth. Speaking of sloths, how cute are they? Check it out.

Please take a look at the whole episode of the cute show here. It’s probably the cutest thing EVER.

Love From Sarah

Guest blogger: Cathy Webster

Cathy Webster is a friend and colleague of mine who just happens to be absolutely hilarious. Her blog, Life on the Muskoka River, is so fun an entertaining – you MUST check it out.

Today, for cuteness sake, I’m sharing one of her recent posts. Enjoy!

Muskie-bait Makeover

MISTY YESTERDAY MORNING: Lookit me, I’m all hairy. Even my feet are hairy. I look so snooty. ¬†And I’m fat! Lookee how fat I am. How can I smile when I am this fat? You wanna talk about hot flashes? Don’t even go there, girlfriend; I’m a walking talking waddling hot flash all day all the time. Do I look happy? Well? Do I, punk? Go ahead. Pet me. Make my day. I will grab your fingers in my tiny white teeth and, grrrrrr, bite them off like pre-wrapped sausages. How come they don’t have pre-wrapped bacon? Oh wait. They do. And it’s gross, but I’ll eat anything in a pinch because I am so fat and so snooty. I am hairy, hear me rowr-rowr.

MISTY LAST NIGHT AFTER TRIP TO MUSKOKA SPA FOR DOGS: (Note: her voice has gone up two octaves.) Lookit meeeee! I am happpeeeeee! I lose 10 pounds in one day, even though I only weigh 7 pounds to begin with. Years younger, I look. Everyone say. Oil of Olay, that’s meeeee. Big eyes, I have. No make-up, just natural beauty. I sleek and light, like greyhound. No, like black squirrel, especially with poofy tail that you can’t see, but have I. Sleek with puffy squirrel tail and so-Cosmo pink scarf to match happeeeee tongue. Lookit how happy my tongue is! I soooooo happy! Masters say, “where Misty? where Misty go?” But I right here in disguise. I look so good, they don’t recognize me. They think Paris Hilton dog has moved in, or Great Black Squirrel. No more hot flashes; I Cool Paw Luke.

A great big thank you to Mrs. Cathy Webster for this adorable post! Please be sure to visit her blog by clicking here. Laughs are guaranteed.

Love From Sarah

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