Don’t cry over spilled milk

The funniest thing happened the other day. It was one of those creeper-funnies, you know? Like at first you feel like you’re in the middle of a nuclear war, but then once you have a minute or two to process it you realize how hysterically funny the whole thing was/is.

Let me set the scene:

It’s Friday evening. I’m relaxing on the couch, talking to my friend on the phone. The Man is in the kitchen, cookin’ up some dinner. It has been two days since I got home from New York City, so naturally my suitcase is still beside the couch, its contents spilling over. My convo is winding down and we’re in the process of saying our goodbyes when The Man comes into the room with his dinner plate in one hand and the jug of milk in the other, headed for the couch/coffee table.







Suddenly, disaster strikes.

As I’m laughing and reminiscing, I hear a loud THUNK! The Man yelps and lurches into view. He’s tripped over the suitcase! Silly Man! What happens next is a blur. There are shrieks (is that me?), plates tipping precariously in every direction. And milk. So much milk.

In an attempt to save his dinner from hitting the floor, The Man has created some sort of milk bazooka, savagely covering every last inch of the living room with the spray of that cold white substance. And I’m no help. Rachel’s still on the phone, yelling “What’s wrong? Why are you screaming? Is everything ok??” while I’m bellowing something to the effect of “hoooAAAAAAAHHH! Are you ok? The milk! THE MILK!!”

It might have only lasted ten seconds, but oh, what a ten seconds. When the jug of milk is finally settled on the table, its last few trickles pooling at its blue plastic base, we are finally able to assess the damage. The Man’s foot: it’s ok. No blood, just a few aching toes. The carpet has fared far worse – it’s soaked through. The couch and my laptop have been mercifully spared for the most part, but now the cleanup begins. In a haze of paper towel and dish cloths, we try to sop up the milky mess.

And then… I start to laugh. I can’t help it. At first it’s one of those keep-it-inside ones where you’re holding your breath and shaking all over. Finally it comes spilling out just as abundantly as the milk. I’m even apologizing as I’m doing it. “BAHAHAHA I’m sorry! Are you OK?! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MILK! All the milk! I’ll move my suitcase! Milk bazooka!”

And The Man starts to laugh too. There we sit, on a Friday night, doubled over in laughter over spilled milk. After all, what else is there to do in a situation such as this?


Love From Sarah

Thanks to my friend Jason Willis for creating that image. And yes, that’s really The Man. Sorry for doing this to you, love.

PS Mom, may I please borrow your carpet cleaner? Summer’s coming and bringing warmer weather with it … 😀


I’m a Baller

Well hello! I guess you thought I had disappeared, but really I was just being my bear-like self and hibernating. But my keen senses tell me that spring is in the air and it’s time to get back to the land of the living.

This post is partly just for fun and partly for courage. You see my friends, I have signed myself up to play softball. I have never played softball. Well, ok maybe once or twice in elementary school, but still… Anyhoo, our first practice is tonight and I’m scared to death. I’m scared because I feel like I might keel over, but also because the cat will be out of the bag and my teammates will finally realize how little (if any) sporty skills I have.

But trying counts, right? Eek! Wish me luck, little bears. Now laugh.

As always, thanks to The Berry, Damn You Autocorrect, Awkward Family Photos and others!

Love From Sarah


Let’s pretend it’s not snowing

We can pretend, right? Secretly though, I don’t really mind that it’s snowing. “Excuse me,” I hear you say. “But who are you and what have you done with my friend Sarah? You know, the one who loves warm sunshine and despises slush?” Well don’t worry little bears, it’s really me. The reason I’m not concerned about the snow is that in a week from today, I’ll be on a beach in Cuba! So snow, do you worst (except not your WORST, because I don’t want my flight to be cancelled) from now until the end of Mach. MUAHAHAHA!

In the meantime, here are some things to make you laugh.

Happy March Break, everyone! Check out The Berry, Damn You Autocorrect and The Chive for more fun.

Love From Sarah

Wake up from your slumber, little bears.

*SNORT… w… what? Oh, sorry. I’ve been hibernating instead of blogging. Maybe these funnies will help me get out of winter snooze mode. Enjoy!

Hope that helped you, too! Have a super duper fantastic day, my friends!

As usual, with some help from The Berry, Damn You Autocorrect and Awkward Family Photos.

Love From Sarah

Bear-y Funny

I’ve always loved bears. Bears in general and my own teddy bear in specific. Today’s post has a bear-y noticeable amount of cuddly creatures in it, but that’s pretty much just coincidental because all I was trying to do here was make a laugh-y kind of post.

I hope you like it bear-y much.

As always, with bear-y much thanks to The Berry, The Chive, and Awkward Family Photos

Have a fantastic weekend!

Love From Sarah

Christmas Eve Eve… Eve?

Whatever you want to call it, it’s time to celebrate! Today’s my last day of work for 2011, so naturally I’m doing things that waste time. You might as well join me for a few laughs along the way. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year, everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

Thanks to my friends at The Berry and Damn You Autocorrect and Invisible Cats.

Stop the snoozefest

Well folks, it’s dark and grey out there and it’s making me want to catch 40 winks at my desk even though it’s only 11 a.m. Not good. So I figured the best remedy for sleepyheadedness is to have a few chuckles. I hope this post will help you break out of those rainy day blues!

With a little help from The Berry, Damn You Autocorrect and Awkward Family Photos, as usual.

Love From Sarah

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